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With a GDP of €2.3 trillion, imports that exceed €645 million and a population of 423 million predicted to grow to 598 million by 2050, the Arab World presents a great market opportunity for European companies. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries are home to some of the highest per-capita GDP and largest consumers’ base.

The existing and upcoming opportunities will range from large industries such as defense and oil, to FMCG, retail, technology, machinery, chemicals and metals. However, there are yet many missed opportunities and this trade is not achieving the full potential.

With globalization at its peak, and the ever changing dynamics of business and cultural opportunities in The Arab World, your business message has to be understood and clear.

Write to Left Media offers communication and media services to companies and SME's in Europe and around the world, transforming existing content and media, and creating new communication tools such as videos, digital documents, audio and multimedia content. Coming from the Arab world, we possess the necessary expertise and cultural understanding to help you ...

Communicate ... in Arabic.